Staying cool

3 days, 6 soups, 4 yogurts, 4 applesauces later….I feel the difference.  The desire to make everything come into shape literally and to get organized for the best.  I feel a new motivation that I didn’t even know still existed.  But I also recognize that this can’t only be about today and next week, but this has to be about the long haul.

Doormat No More is not only about changing lifestyle, changing approach, but it’s also about making sure the treadmill is my new best friend. Who needs happy pills if you can just stay on track.

And I have to say…it feels good.  It’s even exhilarating.  To the point that I haven’t slept in 3 days because I am completely pumped up to make this change reality.  Even at work…the no doormat approach feels real.

Maybe it’s a good day, maybe it’s not.  But it’s today and I’m in and that’s what’s awesome.

While I have no cathartic mantra’s to share, after 3 days of no sleeping, I can say my big take away for everything: stay cool.


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From this day forward

As I reflect back to the many thoughts and decisions that have been a catalyst to my creating this blog….a few words truly stand out:  minion, lackey, wallflower, lame, loser, fatty,  mammy, bore…and lots of other great words.  But more than these words, what made the decision process even easier…is an unprecedented, life altering event.

After 6-7 years of being a mom, a loyal but emotionally abused employee, a wife – also known as Controller (as indicated by my soon to be ex), and a (dreadful word coming…get ready) nice person, mother nature had definitely taken its toll and too much Caramel Core had added expanding spare tires and my self esteem was bottoming out with each kilo.   I was becoming more and more invisible by the minute. No one looked at me, no one thanked me, definitely no one listened to me, not even my kids, and everything was in a state of emergency.  I was in a major state of emergency.  I was a train wreck and I knew it and probably everyone else did too.

In shocking act of authenticity and candor and good “friendship”, a colleague recently had taken me aside and said to me that the reason I was overlooked for a role compared to a young, sprightly new colleague, is because “well you have to admit, she has “un joli petit queue……”  and there it was.  The truth.  Revealed.  Out in thin air.  Sexist, crass, insulting….but REAL.   I am an ugly doormat, and well apparently my ass did not get these kinds of  compliments and deserve to be recognized.

As the shock and horror of hearing this from a colleague (something I had never previously experienced) dissipated, I looked towards the future, and I said to myself, I do solemnly swear that I will get myself one of those….and have myself some fun doing it!

So today I am getting back in the driver’s seat and leaving the world of deadbeat doormats for a whole new world of pretty, small,  ass……and while I am at it…I am going to breeze right past my new colleague with an extra few helpings of knowledge, experience and abilities…and will show all of these people that I will be a DOORMAT NO MORE!download

In this blog I may share totally random thoughts and snippets of other superfluous data I collect as I drive on the road towards the pretty, small ass …and I plan to rediscover the world of people actually seeing me as something other than the exhausted single mom who is, quite frankly, a total bore.

So if you’ve been where I was since last week and you’re ready to leave on this journey…join me.  No one should let this horrible state last.  In one lifetime it’s just too much.  So grab your wit, your laughter, your treadmill and everything you need and let’s go on a ride to stomp out the deadbeat doormats we’ve been and let’s take back the reigns and show all these people who we really are.  Come on…what are you waiting for.  Are you with me?




It’s all in the brows!

I never knew such a little thing could make such a gigantic difference.  It’s about style, attitude, feeling confident, feeling better…feeling the best!  Thank heavens my coach set me straight on this and now…I have brows and it makes a hell of a difference to me.  And at the end of the day, I am the only one who matters…as I am sure you all know.

So what has been your “ahah” moment?  What has made you look at things differently?  the key to showing a more confident  you is feeling more confident.  And all this leads to change in perspective and change to what you will allow.

For example, take today…a day where I was actually slipping back into doormat mode…even though I feel good and actually hit my health and fitness milestone for the month…certain “combative” forces were making me slip.

And so I say to me…snap out of it and get it together.  You are really going to let unhappy people poison you with their BS.  NO!  So with a little strength and a little courage…..I say go.

Get your eyebrows done….make yourself feel good…and don’t take it from anyone.

What’s your tip?