Staying cool

3 days, 6 soups, 4 yogurts, 4 applesauces later….I feel the difference.  The desire to make everything come into shape literally and to get organized for the best.  I feel a new motivation that I didn’t even know still existed.  But I also recognize that this can’t only be about today and next week, but this has to be about the long haul.

Doormat No More is not only about changing lifestyle, changing approach, but it’s also about making sure the treadmill is my new best friend. Who needs happy pills if you can just stay on track.

And I have to say…it feels good.  It’s even exhilarating.  To the point that I haven’t slept in 3 days because I am completely pumped up to make this change reality.  Even at work…the no doormat approach feels real.

Maybe it’s a good day, maybe it’s not.  But it’s today and I’m in and that’s what’s awesome.

While I have no cathartic mantra’s to share, after 3 days of no sleeping, I can say my big take away for everything: stay cool.


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