It’s all in the brows!

I never knew such a little thing could make such a gigantic difference.  It’s about style, attitude, feeling confident, feeling better…feeling the best!  Thank heavens my coach set me straight on this and now…I have brows and it makes a hell of a difference to me.  And at the end of the day, I am the only one who matters…as I am sure you all know.

So what has been your “ahah” moment?  What has made you look at things differently?  the key to showing a more confident  you is feeling more confident.  And all this leads to change in perspective and change to what you will allow.

For example, take today…a day where I was actually slipping back into doormat mode…even though I feel good and actually hit my health and fitness milestone for the month…certain “combative” forces were making me slip.

And so I say to me…snap out of it and get it together.  You are really going to let unhappy people poison you with their BS.  NO!  So with a little strength and a little courage…..I say go.

Get your eyebrows done….make yourself feel good…and don’t take it from anyone.

What’s your tip?



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